This was an easy read, but deep. Simple and deep. Clear challenged everything I do and the way I do it. Everything. I am going to read this book again – and again. It’s one of those books; needs to be reread.

I recently read Charles Duhigg’s ‘The Power of Habit’ which laid the groundwork on how habits get coded into the way we do things and how companies that understand this can shift customer behaviour, how governments can use this knowledge to drive policy implementation and, most importantly, how we, as individuals, can harness this knowledge.

Duhigg also spoke about how some habits are more important than others because they affect so much else. He called these keystone habits. In Atomic Habits, James Clear talks more about how to recognise your own habits, positive and negative, and how you can implement – and stick to – habits to help you do the things you want to do in life; whether that’s becoming a better spouse or becoming more productive at work.

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